(english) Call to an anticapitalist bloc on the 21st of June in Aachen

Join the anticapitalist bloc: Friday, 21st of June – Kennedypark Aachen – 11 AM

For the 21st of June, the movement ‘Fridays For Future’ is organising an internationally announced protest in Aachen. Up to 50.000 people are expected to come! A protest march from different starting points (‘Sternmarsch’) is planned, during which several different ‘fingers’ will move to the same destination.

The economic system of capitalism is showing more and more its’ destructive power! Scientific research has yielded that it is no longer possible to disprove that climate change, the destruction of the environment and the extinction of species are the results of a profit-orientated economy! The advances in capitalism may have brought greater wealth to more people than before, but at the expense of our natural resources, the ecosystem and the vast majority of people! For instance, we would need 3 planets to support a German standard of living worldwide.

That means, a sustainable global satisfaction of needs and capitalism are not compatible!

For 200 years, since the emergence of industrial capitalism, our planet has been ruthlessly exploited! Earlier and earlier each year we reach Earth Overshoot Day, the day on which we’ve consumed as many resources as the Earth can regenerate per year! Every day, climate change is becoming more noticeable! Although the impact in many Western countries is not yet so strong, it is much more devastating in the global South! According to all scientific research, this is a fact! It is also a fact, that we have little time to avert the worst effects of climate change! In capitalism, the economy always works according to the principle of competition! In the time we have left, a solidary, goal-orientated cooperation in all social spheres is essential! The goal must be to end industrial overproduction and to build an equitable society, oriented to actual needs!

Governments don’t even consider a restructuring of the system because they themselves benefit from it! Furthermore, an increasing amount of governments use authoritarian means to preserve their power and the status quo! Even ‘climate policies’ remain within capitalist framework and still to this day, it provides no result and has no chance of averting climate change! As a result, appealing to those institutions is pointless from our point of view! Instead, it would be important to promote a networking of all societal agents to collectively overcome capitalism and pave the way for a climate-friendly and solidary society!

Because promoting these views in the social discourse means a lot to us, we too will be out on the streets of Aachen on the 21st of June. There will be a protest bloc for anybody who shares our beliefs and won’t settle for making pleas.

On to the streets for an end to capitalism!
Together, for a solidary and dignified future for nature and humanity!

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