Update on the anti-capitalist bloc on the 21st of June

Update 18. June

Anticapitalist bloc: 21-06-2019 – Kennedypark Aachen – 11 AM

This friday thousands of people will be on the streets as part of the international Fridays For Future strike. Multiple rallies will start simultaneously from different places within and outside the city. On their way to the concluding event at the Tivoli they will all merge into a single rally.

For various reasons (you can read our call to action here) we invite you to participate in the anti-capitalist bloc!

Time to share some important information.

We will meet at 11:00 at Kennedy Park in Aachen‘s Eastern district. There we will begin with some opening speeches before making our way through the city! Kennedy Park is just a few walking minutes away from Rothe Erde railway station. We received no special constraints from the police regarding our protest. Participants from out of town will have the opportunity to hand off luggage at the starting point. If you need a place to sleep contact us by e-mail.

The Committee of Inquiry Aachen (‘EA Aachen‘ for short)/Legal Team will be contactable during the strike. You can contact them in case of arrests by the police. You can look up what a Committee of Inquiry does here. The EA‘s phone number is 0176 65411488. Please contact them if you witness an arrest or have been arrested. This is NOT AN INFO PHONE.

The latest news will be available on our twitter which you can find here. We suggest you check there every now and then. There will also be new information right before the rally. The most important hashtags are #ac2106 for the city-wide protests as well as #anticap2106 and #antikap2106 for the anti-capitalist rally.

The Autonomous Centre (5 Hacklaenderstr., right by the central station) will be open during and after the protests. In addition, there will be more opening hours throughout the weekend for anyone arriving, departing or passing through who needs some rest or a warm meal.

The Autonomous Centre will be open starting on Thursday at 14:00 for arrivals. There you can get yummy vegan food, cold drinks and the last updates regarding FFF and Ende Gelände

The opening hours are:

Wednesday: 18:30 – approx. 00:00

Thursday: 14:00 – 00:00

Friday: 11:00 – 05:00

Saturday: 07:30 – 02:00

Sunday: 10:00 – 00:00

Please note that there will be regular concert and party events on Friday (starting 23:00) and Saturday (starting 20:00), meaning it will be considerably louder. The AZ will be open as a contact and info point regardless.

Keep an eye on our site for more updates and announcements!


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